Little Hanh

I'm Hạnh. 20. Vietnamese.
I love watching tennis and no, I'm not a fan of neither Nole, Rafa nor any top ten. I'm a Gulbis-tard 'cuz he's my favorite loser.
I love reading books but I have read neither Harry Potter nor Twilight and probably never will.
I love reading manga (my guilty pleasure) but I'm not reading Naruto or Bleach or Sailor Moon. I love reading some random one shorts or josei, seinen, shoujo or shounen. Not a fan of Yaoi or Shounen ai but my best friend is and I'm not bothered by that.
I like watching anime but I mainly watch Detective Conan.
I occasionally watch Japanese dramas but I get bored easily. I used to watch Korean dramas too but lately I don't watch much because it's too cliche.
My most favorite musician is James Morrison. He can touch my soul with his voice. Most songs in my library is in English and Japanese.
I can speak Vietnamese (yes, we have our own language and it's difficult), American English. I'm studying Japanese and can speak some simple sentences
My tumblr name is my nickname since 6th grade, it's a pun, if you interchange the consonants and the vowels (be hanh) it means little Hạnh.

My other Tumblr:

I created it with my friend so that we can show each other photos of Saigon and Oswego :)

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